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ASP Image Gallery

A Complete, Feature Rich, Image Gallery Program


If you need an ASP photo gallery for your Web site that looks great and is easy to install and customize, ASP Image Gallery is the perfect photo gallery control for you. It contains everything you demand in a photo gallery solution, and we're always adding new features. ASP Image Gallery makes it easy to add a photo gallery to your Web site.

Here are just some of the features:

aspnet image
Intuitive and simple user interface. check
Clean, lightweight and extremely fast loading by pre-loading photos. check
Slideshow with autostart option. check
The ASP Uploader in Image Gallery allows you select and upload multiple image files and cancel running file uploads, add new files during uploading. check
Real time progress bar keeps track of every photo upload and allows users to watch how much of photo has been uploaded. check
Automatically creates thumbnails of all your images and places them in the same directory. check
Highly customizable layout; The look and feel of gallery controls can be customized to seamlessly blend into your website design. check
Creates unlimited galleries and upload unlimited photos. check
Supports client side validation of the file size/type before uploading. check
Visitors can comment on your photos. check
Ability to resize the upload images. check
You can use it as stand-alone gallery or easily integrate into existing ASP application. check
Powerful admin functions allow you to add, edit and delete photos. check
multi-language support (52 languages are currently provided). check
Adds captions to each photo. check

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