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Is it possible to try ASP Image Gallery before I buy it?

Yes. Simply click here to download an evaluation version of ASP Image Gallery software now. There is no charge. Put ASP Image Gallery to the test in your own specific applications.
Do you offer non-profit or educational organisation discounts?

Yes, we offer discount to non-profit organization depending on the organizations line of work.
How often are product updates released?

Product major version updates are released generally every year. Minor version updates are released every 3-4 months. CuteSoft offers product free minor version upgrades.
How do I receive the product after my purchase?

Upon purchase, you will receive an instant notification via email with the download details of your product.
Is the license a life time license? Do I have to pay any additional fees?

The license you purchase is a lifetime license, and you do NOT need to pay license fees at any time after your purchase. There are no additional monthly or yearly fees to use the software.
Do you have any additional methods of payment besides credit card or PayPal?

We accept both check and direct wire transfers. For more information regarding these forms of payment, please contact us.
Can I suggest new features?

Absolutely, We love customer input, ideas, and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your feature suggestion, or post in our forums.
ASP Image Gallery Licensing Explained

This following article describes our licensing policy for the ASP Image Gallery.

ASP Image Gallery Licensing Info
What is ASP Image Gallery?

ASP Image Gallery is a ASP based gallery script designed for easy displaying image galleries in the ASP web applications.

It is an easy to use, file-based, image gallery script. It is also a highly configurable application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure.

This robust ASP Image Gallery can be integrated seamlessly with your ASP applications. You can use ASP Image Gallery to quickly develop great looking slide shows and image galleries.
What are the limitations of the Evaluation version?

All features work the same as they do in the full version. The evaluation version using a temp license file which will expire in about 30 days. Once you place the order, you’ll will receive your own license file.
Does this product require users to download a browser plug-in?

No, ASP Image Gallery is completely self contained and require no outside plug-in's or add-ons.
Can ASP Image Gallery be easily translated into various languages?


This control is also available for ASP.NET!

ASP.NET Image Gallery
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